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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prevention This website provides reviews, blogs and feeds, articles, research and much more. Professional Organizations Parent Resources Academic Interventions Behavioral Interventions Medications Community Service One article found on this website describes PATHS, which helps students understandtheir feelings as well as others' feelings through feelingcards. When a student is unhappy or angry,they can show the card that goes along with it so theteacher or parent is aware of what state the studentis in. Research shows that students who participate in this show less aggression in school. It alsoenhances a student's ability to cope withstress. SEL (Social and emotional learning) interventions have proven to be beneficial with improving not only student social and emotional skills, but academic skills as well. Major progress and visible improvement is noticeable after around 6 months.These programs increase student connections to school and academic achievement. These can be incorporated into regular school routines, as research suggests that it is more successful when taught by teachers or school personnel. More information about these programs can be found on the website. Many students with EBD are medicated.There is a good article on this websitethat provides insight on why morestudents are being medicated. Thisis a good source for parents to read aboutand it focuses on students with bipolar disorder. It also includesa link to a film that parents can watch.Serious side effects are addressedin this article as well. Daly Rivas does not provide an extensive amount ofinformation on communityservice. However, it doeshave some articles on how studentsor kids with EBD can function in theircommunity, which is very importantfor kids. This website provides different research articles for parents to read to help with theirchild who suffers from different disorders. Some research articles show that the moreinvolved the parent, the better the outcome for the child. It also discusses parenting programs that may work. has some articles about professional organizations. For example,there is an article about Mothers HelpingMothers. It also talks about Parents Get Positive. This website is interesting because it is research and blog based. It is not as easy to navigate as other websites, and is not necessarily the best resource forimmediate information, as you must searchfor something and scroll through the results.
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