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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 milk and dairy foods fruit and vegetables starchy foods non dairy protiens sugar and fat foods Eat well plate This typical eat well plate consists of the macro nutrients fats proteins and carbohydrate.Fats mainly coming from the dairy and sugary foods, carbohydrate coming mainly from the bread etc.And proteins coming from the meats and eggs etc. vitamins and minerals provided by all the food especially the fruit and vegetables.The problem with this eat well plate is that most of these food shown are processed and have a lot of sugar in them.Only a few of these foods are organic.This food plate should be changed. Fruit and vegetables should be the same but with more organic food not processed.Proteins should increase as proteins still provide energy.Dairy which has a lot of fat should increase not decrease as this provides more energy and is healthier than a lot of processed carbs. Carbohydrate should decrease as this has a lot of sugar as it is processed.Carbohydrate is not needed for a healthy diet. Carbohydrate (and sugar) causes more obesity than fat alone.Although many people believe the other way round. A balanced diet is the correct food and the right amount an individual consumes for their needs (voluntary/involuntary). Balanced diet consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, bread etc. some dairy and milk such as cheese, yogurt.Alot of meat fish eggs for protein.And a tiny bit of food containing a big amount of fat and sugar.You should also consume a sufficient amount of water and dont skip breakfast.This is a typical balanced diet in which every individual has different body needs due to factors such as size and physical activities daily. An athlete for example will need to first calculate their basal metabolic rate (BMR) this is the energy needed just to maintain your body and live.Then they need to calculate the energy expenditure of their physical activity in their sport and in daily life.With these two data they now should customize their balanced diet.A bodybuilder will need more carbohydrate and protein than a marathon runner who will mostly need carbohydrate and fat.Different sports and different position in their sport (if a team sport) will change how much energy they need.For example in football a midfielder will need more energy for running and other actions than a goal keeper who is in a box and not much actions used.