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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Importance of the Toolmaking Importance of the Language *take advantage of a widerrange of food sources*could dig underground roots*hunt big animals*helped make contact with each other like trading*could defend themselves from any danger*could have easier lives Early Humans Homo erectus means "standing uprightperson" had a larger brain than Homo habilis. First to leave Africa and died out in100,000 years ago. Australopithecine the oldest group of human ancestors. Lived between 3.75million and 1 million years ago. Homo habilis means "handy humans"lived from about 2.5 to 1.5 million yearsago and had larger brainthan the Australopithecines. lived between 600,000and 100,000 years ago.Its brain was about the same size as ours, but had muchbigger face and teeth. Neanderthals lived in Europe and in the Middle East from about230,000 years ago and disappeared around30,000 years ago. Homo sapiens early Homo sapiens.the species to which modern humans belongthat lived about 40,000years ago. Homo heidelbergensis Cro-Magnon Archaeologists learn about ancient human cultures by studying the artifacts that those cultures left behind. To learn about our earliest ancestors, archaeologists rely on their analysis of fossil bones, tools, and other artifacts. means "wise humanmodern humans *Allowed them to shareinformation and worktogether*Also allowed them to passtraditions*Discuss the advantages ofdifferent kinds of tools*Plan hunting strategies*Can talk about the pastor the future*Discuss real things or imaginary things*Invent new words Christina Jung 6-7
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