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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where does the money go? Let's look at eWay's Small Fry Plan. Now let's have a look at the breakdown of costs to have the transaction performed by eWay. eWay charge Merchants no monthly cost to use this facilities. As a Small Fry Merchant, you'll pay 2.90% of the transaction value for each transaction and an additional$0.30 per transaction. On an average $75 transaction, that's going to cost a Merchant $2.475. eWay are going to get to keep the $0.30 per transaction. First Data will also charge $0.035 to transport the transaction to Visa/MasterCard. That leaves another $1.24 for eWay to pay their internal costs. Visa and MasterCard will likely receive $0.2625 cents of the transaction cost. The Bank - in this case NAB, is going to take around 0.85% of thetransaction or approximately$0.6375 of the transaction cost to the merchant. We make less than 1% on all of our transactions after costs.On a $75 transaction, we make less than $0.75 per transaction and we take the commercial risk. In the eWay model, all of the risk is passed to the Merchant. And the Merchant is charged the $25 Chargeback Fee from the bank wherea chargeback occurs. Let's create some perspective! In total, eWay makes $1.54 per $75 transaction in their Small Fry merchants! Note: all of the figures in this diagram are best estimates on known transaction costs and opinions. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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