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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SaaS On-Premis e 3 DRIVING FACTORS Regulatory Compliance/Risk Management/Security 11.1% IT SPENDING 1. TOP AREAS OF BANK IT INVESTMENTS Banking 91B+ 32B Other segments 62+B 2015 vs. . View customers across product lines,use analytics to understand relationships and cross-sell products and services.Sales Campaign Success rate UP Customer attrition rate fall by 5% Customer Centricity Foreign Competition Several foreign banks from Europe and Asia entering U.S in recent years are bring a customer-centric business model 3. Lost Revenue And Cost Pressures 2. $ 3 1 2 7.4% Mobile Banking 40.7% Core Systems Payments 14.8% Customer Experience/Channel Optimization Data Management(analytics,BI,storage,etc.) 3.7% 22.2% Financial Services may end up as "the year of regulatory and compliance implementation in banking," Compliance costs are increasingRegulatory environment is forcing banks to rethink their business strategyVirtually every enterprise that deals in sensitive data must master a complex web of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirement 25% The SaaS market will be growing at roughly the rate of On-Premise software market. By 2016, about of new business software purchases will be service-enabled software SaaS delivery will constitute about of all applications spending 5x 18%
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