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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 eLEARNING AUTHORING TOOL "EasyProf" How To Use EasyProf for Digital Training 50 100 How can social learning be leveraged in Adult Education ACTIVITIES THAT DEMONSTARTE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING IN A SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT INCREASE IN TEAM COLABORATION EFFORTS DECREASE TIME FOR PROBLEM SOLVING DESCRIPTION OF eLEARNING TOOL IMPROVE TRAINING QUALITY "EasyProf" IMPROVE MORALE "EasyProf" USING EasyProf authoring tool AN OUTLINE FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA IN ADULT EDUCATION EasyProf system works with all operating and mobile devices, its system integrates with the latest technological advances onthe market. Because the information is stored in the cloudthere is easy access from any device, and location in the world. EasyProf is an authoring tool that allows creation of interactive multimedia courses. Anyone can use EasyProf no programming skills required. Contents can be edited and published on the internet or on CD-ROM. Uses different file formats such as videos, sound effects, and flash animations . Create with just a few clicks, different evaluation methods of testing including but not limited to drag and drop boxes. USING THE FOLLOWING STEPS TRAININGIS DEVELOPED REGARDING SOCIALMEDIA IN ADULT EDUCATION. The use of youtube in the workplace can prove to be very informative, using it to access the latest in webinars, uploading presentations and research that has been completed. Linkedin is another social media sitethat is used for for personal, professional, and organizationaldevelopment. The social media siteis used for recruitment, and networking. It also help keep up with new industry trends. All these activities when put together makes the difference in the way anorganization is viewed. Having a rich environment of social learningusing social media is a benefit to all involved. "EasyProf" "EasyProf" "EasyProf" Real-time communication "EasyProf" "EasyProf" "EasyProf" "EasyProf" twitter Active particpation and listening Content-Focused Sharing Experiences double click to change this title text! digital training in a professional environment.
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