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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Laws in America The Most Ridiculous No MoreThan May Live InA Single House Not Chickens are Allowed To Cross The Road. Games Cannot Last More Than Hours 5 One May Not A Rock In A State Park Illegal To Wear Fake That Causes Laughter In With Someone In The StreetsCan Result InThirty Daysof A PersonMust Own AtLeast Two Before He Is Permitted To Wear Cowboy In Public Parents Can Be ArrestedIf Their Child During a Church Service. Illegal To Take More Than 3 Swallows of at Any Time While Is Illegal In Bars, Unless You Have A Permit Midget Tossing Church Flirting Jail Mutilate Beer Standing Six Girls Cows Boots Burps Bingo New Jersey:A Person Can Be Arrested For Slurping In Public Soup Connecticut: Must BounceTo Officially BeConsidered Pickles Pickles You May Not Fish On a Camel'sor Back Giraffe's Its A Crime To Tell A Where To Dig For Buried Treasure Fortune-Teller Disrobe You May Not In Front of a Man'sPortrait Mustache I Illegal to View From An Airplane Moose Sources: Brough to you by Part
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