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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington The wise musician are those who play what they can master Facebook Friends Louis Armstrong Bill Strayhorn Duke Ellington I have a long travel and a small budget but thanks to the assembly line the low price car the Model T this will makeAmerica more mobel and more people will get to come seemy music live Duke Ellington I just saw a car break down but it wasn't a Model T i am glad my car ensure no break downs because it was made in the assembly line and this way the car has amazing quality Duke Ellington I just got to my hotel and i have been listening to the radio in my room i am used to it just being in the car i am so glad i can go to my home and relax and enjoy the game Duke Ellington The room service justcame in and this newworker is wearing a flapperthis fashion is really changing America Likes Duke Ellington Duke Ellington was a composer,pianist,and bandleaderhe composed over one thousandscores over his 50 career One of my hit songs just came onthe radio and i have seen people dancingto my music that may nothave two to five years ago this willchange the way we look at black people and the differnettypes of music we will listen to © 2015 Bio and the Bio logo are registered trademarks of A&E Television Networks, LLC. Ads Flapper Model T Radio Short Hair Prohibition is good there is less crimes then there was but i know al cap one is still selling illegal but this has made america a better place Duke Ellington men's hats I'm glad women have there rights now because they can wear what they want and vote this changes america because when it comes to voting time it will be more of a challenge Duke Ellington
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