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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facts 84% De los hombres en China muestran sintomas de estres,convirtiendolo en el paismas estresado del mundo. DUBAI >The capital and the second mostpopulous city in the UAE.>Capital of Abu Dhabi emirate, the largest of the UAE'sseven member emirates. Attractions Exaggerating and splendid tour with delicious desert dinner Architectural Paradise >Burj Dubai - The tallest building in the world.>Burj Al Arab -The world's only 7 star Hotel.>The Palm IslandsLargest artificial islands in the world.>Dubai MallLargest shopping center in the world. Desert Safari Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi Trip along with Dubai creek side with buffet dinner Definitely >The most populous city and emirate in the UAE. >The second largest emirate by territorial size.>The current ruler is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.>Islam the official state religion.>Currency Dirham = 16.86 INR.>Temp. in December = 26 °C. Prepare yourself >Respect people,places,facilities of host country.>Read about the city history and code of conduct.>Study about Khalid Shafar,AbuDhabi,RAK Ceramics.>Carry sun blocks and keep yourself hydrated.>"Speak Easy" GSM mobile service for tourists.>Amazing locations for photography,carry Cameras.>Shopper's Paradise- so gear up for some great stuff.>Littering is a punishable offense in Dubai. >Decent dress code expected. >It's a study tour not just a fun trip.>Punctuality will be strictly observed.>Self roaming is strictly prohibited.>Respect college decorum. >Take care of your personal belongings,college will not be responsible for any loss. Remember INIFD Educational Trip 15-20 December '14 Interior Design Students For Further Details Contact :
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