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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! Hey kids! You are all probably excited to start driving on your own!You all probably think it's cool to drink and drive. If you think that, you're wrong; it's VERY dangerous. Let's look at the facts Each day, in the United States, about 30 people die in car crashesinvolving a drunk driver In 2012, a little over 10,322people were killed indrunk driving crashes. 1,168 children betweenthe ages of 0-14 were killedbecause of a drunk driver In 2010, over 1,400,000drivers were arrested fordriving under theinfluence. Thanks for the facts!We now know notto do drinkand drive. Drunk driving continuesto drop. It declined 2.4%from 2007-2008.It also declined12.7% between2002-2008 People with a highBlood Alcohol Content (BAC)level tendto be males aged 25-35 &they have history of DUI convictions Sources:Hansen, David. (2012). General format. Retrieved from: for Disease Control. (2014 Oct 7). General format.Retrieved from: Reflection:Making the infographic is where I look upfacts, while writing an essay allows me to put my opinion into the essay. Also, when writing an essay, it might be based off a bookor movie, but when Im doing an infographic, I need facts from a lot of sources.A similarity is: they both provide information. Some people like to look at numbers, while others enjoy relating to someones essay on a book, movie, etc.
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