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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Big Ben Times When Mr Hyde ran over a girl he told themthat he would pay 100 pounds for his actions, but the check was mysteriouslysigned by another name. That was thefirst clue that something was being hid. About a year later a strange death occuredwhen a man was severly beaten with a caneby Mr. Edward Hyde. Mr Utterson was subjectedfind out who the victim was because he had a letteraddressed to him. But while he was looking he notciedthat the cane that Mr Hyde used to beat Sir Danvers Carew. Mr Utterson tells the police that he can leadthem to the murderers home for more investigation. But when they get to the home of Mr Edward Hyde themaid tells the that he has already left but they still goin into his room to find it "ransacked" the police think that it will be easy to find him because he is probrablyat the bank for money.Mr Utterson went back to see Dr. Jekyll but found himlooking deathly sick and pale. Utterson ask if he hadbeen concealing Hyde. Dr. Jekyll told Mr Utterson that Mr. Hyde"gone into hiding and will not be seen again in this world." Dr. Jekyll came out of his hiding and went to his old lifesocailizing with his friends for about two months. But then all of the sudden he slames the door in Mr. Utterson'sface. Mr Utterson goes to talk to Dr. Lanyon only tofind him in some deep-seated terror of the mind.lanyon never recovers and evetually dies. Mr Uttersonwrites to Mr. Jekyll asking him why he secluted himselffrom his friends. He wrote back and said that he "intends to live in seclusion and that he must suffer for the danger he has brought upon himself." After a few weeks after Lanyon's death Mr. Utterson receives aletter that says not to open it until the death or disappearance of Jekyll although Uttersonwanted to open right then he decided to file itaway.later Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield went for a stroll on a sunday and passed by the house that Mr Hyde had been known to be at before. They walkby and notice Jekyll sitting at the window. They ask if he would like to join them he responds andtells them that he will visit with them from the window. Suddenly a loud scream comes from Mr Jekyll immediately shuts the window and disappearsfrom the window. Utterson and Enfield worry extremelyabout Jekyll's life now. 25 anniversarySPECAIL EDITION! 0.80pounds $1.25 dollars one afternoon Poole, Dr. Jekyll's butler states thatthere had been some foul play saying that theyshould go to his apartment and check on him. whenthey got there they pushed through the crowd and madethere way to his door. When no one answered the door afterknocking they decided to push the door down with an ax.When they got in the room the found Mr Hyde dead from drinkingpoison. In the room that they found him in they alsofound a letter addressed to Mr Utterson tellinghim to read the note left by Lanyon. Mr Uttersonran to his study to read the letter. In the letter they find out that Lanyon had drank a potion, just likeMr Hyde had done previously giving him two personalities (Dr. Jekyll)Lanyon died from his state of shock that this put him in. This is howwe figured out that Mr Hyde was also Dr Jekyll switching in and out between characters All of our information came fromneighbors and witness thatwatched everything play out includingfriends from Mr Utterson, Poole, Maids,and butlers for the two By: Molly Cottingham A1
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