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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There are currently 13 Breweries in Colorado that brew Hard Ciders. HARD CIDERS In 2011 15 Million barrels of cider were produced in the united states. That's an increase of 30%. The largest growing beverage in the United States. Hard Cider is basically apple juice that has been fermented and bottled. It comes in a variety of sizes and flavors ranging from regular apple to green apple and cinnamon.The average alcohol contentfor cider is about 6%. How to Brew Cider Heat your waterto a boil. Add theyeast once it hascooled to about 160degrees Fahrenheit.Add in the yeast packetand yeast nutrient. Letthe must ferment for 3-5or as much as needed. Bottle and Enjoy. Cider has been popularsince before 1600 in Europe.It was safe to drink and enjoyable for everyone.Popularity of the drinksoon grew to the entire world. Hard cider is thejuice from an apple that is cooked down andaged so that alcoholcreated from the yeastand natural sugars The heaviest demographicfor Ciders are people thatdo not like or want to drinkbeer. Also, its a great holdiaydrink around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Char grilled Pork Tenderloinwrapped in thick slab Bacon.Waldorf Grilled Chicken Saladwith dried cherries and candiedWalnutsStrongbow pairs great with a classic Fish and ChipsMy personal Favorite is WoodchuckCider with a BlackenedChicken Alfredo Some types of Ciderare especially popularfor people who have todrink a gluten free alcohol. This makes for easy drinking. FOOD PAIRININGS FORHARD CIDER
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