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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 3 Soccer Scorers In 1 Year! Number 1 Lionel Messi! Messi is known as one of the best soccer players in all time. He is one of the best soccer players on earth because of his finishing shot,his amazing ball skills, and that he is intelligent. Number 2 What inspired him? Messi was inspired by many things, but he was mostly inspired by watching soccer when he was young, and he realized he wanted to be like Diego Maradona. Why is he one of the best? What inspired him? Muller was famous but old, so not many peopleknow what inspired him. many people think thathe was inspired by watching soccer and playing soccer when he was a kid. not many people know how he did get inspired but we know he inspired many other people. Gerd Muller! Godfrey Chitalu! Number 3 Why is he one of the best? Why is he one of the best? Not very many people have heard about Godfrey Chitalu, but when it comes to goal scoring Godfrey is one of the best.He is mostly known for having the most hat-tricks in a single year for an African based player. Cool Facts! Godfrey Chitalu was so good that he scored 107 goals in 1972.He is thought to be the best goal scorer in the world! Sources scale proportionally. by: Drew.D Have you ever wanted to know who scored the most goals in only one year? Sense theearly 1900's people have been playing soccerand scoring lots of goals. From the famous Lionel Messi to the almost un-known GodfreyChitalu. these are the top 3 goalscores in one year of all time. 86 goals 85 goals 81 goals Lionel Messi Gerd Muller Gerd Muller was one of the most feared strikersin the world during the 1970s. He was of the greatest scorers because of his movement, touch, pace, and skill. some people say that he is so good he is just scoring goals for fun. Godfrey Chitalu
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