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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Digital Tools and EffectiveStrategies for Reading Comprehension Research Outline LanguageSkills DigitalLearning Tools Conclusion:With many resources inthis digital world, students can to acknowledge and use these methods to improve their readingskills. Knowing your learning style gives studentsa better opportunity to identify and apply these methods andstrategies. Utilizing digitalresources to ensure comprehension is the bestway to succeed in onlinelearning environments. StudentResources Internetresources APUSTutoringProgram Electronicbooks APUSLibrary Mobileapps Strategies &Techniques Resources: ProQuest as a deep web search engine to obtain specific internet results relative to my topicAPUS Library to search out articles relative to topic, ex: 'Sustaining Students' Reading Comprehension'E-Books: ex: Reading Comprehension Strategies; Theories, Interventions and TechnologiesMobile apps such as ebrary and pronounciator which will demonstrate the versatility of digitalonline learning tools at our fingertips Resources such as electronic post-it's forreminders, online calendars, narrative e-readers, online peer tutoring programs Time management, note taking skillsconnecting prior knowledge &summarize readings to ensure material isunderstood. Discussing topics with others. Strategy such as QUICK. Acknowledgingthe 5 essential components of reading.
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