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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TIPS More than 50% of students at the U of A are keeping track of how much alcohol they are consuming when they are partying (NCHA, 2013, p.9) According to NCHA(2013), 82.2% of UofA students are eating before and/or while drinking.Mmmm Mmmm, we like the sound of that! According to the NCHA in 2013, 83.5% of students were reported to be using adesignated driver when partying. Vroom Vroom! Are you getting your partyMODE on tonight? Set a limit for yourself tonight, and your body will be loving you tomorrow!Having a couple of drinks together is supposed to be fun, why turn it into a competition? Make sure to chow down on some snacks before and while youre drinking in order to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Join the Movement. Let's flip the conversation. What's your partyMODE? Tell us @ _____________________ double click to change this title text! DD, your new BFF! ( Always ask a designated driver for a ride!)Ask a friend for a ride, call a cab, and save some cash for transportation! Stick with your crew, and use the buddy system!"Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten" at the bar, at a house party, or ANYWHERE! ** According to NCHA (2013) 89.9% of UofA students were reported to be staying with the same group of friends while drinking. FACTS Join partyMODE in continuing to develop a healthy drinking culture on campus!
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