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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 £1064 p.a. future jobs which need IT skills 90% 1- OxIS, Culture of the internet: the internet in Britain, October 2013BBC Media literacy: Understanding digital capabilities follow up, September 20132- Digital Inclusion, The Social Return on Investment, 2011/12 BT3- Europe 2020 Strategy, European Commission4- The Economic Value of Libraries - Final Report 2014 The alliance of museums libraries and archives (ALMA UK) 5- National Literacy Trust 2011/12 Schools Guide to Literacy No of people who are offline with no digital skills Enthusiastic young readers.. 1 ..x 5 "Every child growing up in the UK should have a chance to learn and develop through a good school library" - Lord Graham Tope, Chair of the Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group, 2014 = average value per user per library visit 3 4 more likely to achieve above average results Compared with expenditure on library services Value = on average >6 times greater than the cost of provision(Scotland, Wales & NI) Sources LIBRARIES: KEY FACTS 5 Electionwatch: a CILIP campaign £25.64 11 million value to a new userof going online for first time LITERACY & PARTICIPATIONDIGITAL ACCESS & SKILLSEMPLOYMENT & ENTERPRISEHEALTH AND PUBLIC SERVICESINFORMATION MANAGEMENTRESEARCH & INNOVATIONCOMMUNITY HUBS21ST CENTURY SERVICESOPPORTUNITY FOR ALL 2 @CILIPinfo General Election 2015
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