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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Which Was Worse?? The Donner Party The perilouse journey of a group of immigrants who traveled to California from Springfield, Illinois. OR Trail Of Tears Indians forced out of their homeland which was enforced by president Jackson Many indians died on the trail leading to Oklahoma. Number of Travelers 54 Men 33 Women Number of Travelers 16,543 Cherokee 17,000 Chactaws Transportation Wagon, Oxen, horse, and on foot Transportation Horse, and on foot Death Toll 87 total travelers 15,000 Chickasaw 42 Deaths Death Toll 15,000 Cherokee Seminoles resisted moveing Died from starvation cannibalismmurder overeating exposure to the elements tuberculosis andfrom natural death About 20,000 deaths Died of weather starvation and disease Both journeys were full of tragic eventmany died on the journey and only a few survived In The END Food The Donner Party ate different types food such as * Bread*Deer meat*Bear meat*Buffalo meat*Ox hide*Pets such as dogs*Horses *Family memebers Humanmeat. In order to survivethe Donner Party ate eachother. They carefuly distributedthe meat in order to make sure family members didn't eat each other Food Food The Indians did not have a lot of food. Some died of starvation * Corn *Fish*Deer meat*edible plants*Anything they could consume the ate Cannibalism The Donner party'sgreatest story was about the party eating one another. While the group was stuck at Truckee lake theywere low on suppliesand food, so they resorted to cannibalismit was known that family members couldnot eat each other
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