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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fallen by Lauren Kate The setting takes place in a boarding school called Sword and Cross. The school was meant for students who were criminals. The main conflict in the book was how Daniel and Cam fight over Luce since they both love her. Making it a conflict for Luce and Daniel since throughout the book Daniel and Cam would fight/argue over Luce, The Plot: In fallen the parents of Luce send her away to a boarding school called Swordand Cross. The school is meant for young criminals, Luce is sent there because she can see shadows that haunt her but no one else can. The shadows are responsible for the death of her "boyfriend" Trevor. But as she arrives to the school she falls in love. Not just with any boy but with Daniel, the boy who is keeping a deadly secret from her to to save her life. But Luce is determined to find out why he is so strange around her and eventually she finds out the secret which is forbbiden love between them. They are both cursed by shadows that kill Luce every 17 years and resurrect her again and again. The main characters in the book are Luce, Daniel, Cam,Arraine, Penn, Gabbe, Ms. Sophia, Roland, and Molly. Luce is a 17 year old girl who is light skinned, has black short hair and is apparently thin. She is sort of shy, caring, and determined. Daniel is a golden haired boy around Luce'sage with tan skin, high cheekbones and very hand-some. Daniel is the protagonist of the book, he is very protective and is friends with everyone but Cam. Arriane is Luce's friend who is around the same age as Luce, she is very hyper, outgoing,and funny. She is also light skinned and dark haired like Luce. The you have Penn, she is also around the same age as Luce, she has curly brown hair, a wide face ,and is really responsible. Then you have Cam who is very handsome has dark short hair and is also light skinned. His personality is carefree and really loves Luce. Last you haveGabbe who is a blond girl and is described as Neutrogena-commercial pretty with nice pink nails. The tone of the book is romantic and mysterious.Since the theme of the book is forbidden love mostof the scenes in the book are very romantic. For example, when Luce kisses Daniel for the first time the tone is really romantic. But the cool thing is most of the book has that romantic tone no matter what. Also, you have the mysterious tone throughout thebook. I assume its mysterious since its the first book out of 5 other books and the other wants you to feelthat in order to read the rest. I fell like the characterwhere the mysterious tone revolves around is Daniel. He is very mysterious, especially around Luce in thebeginning since he doesn't talk to her a lot.
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