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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Start of Mayan Civilization LOCATION MAYAN CIVILIZATION Incan Civilization AZTEC CIVILIZATION 1800 BC Yucatan PeninsulaGuatemalaBelize - Agriculture: cotton, maize, chocolate beans- Trade cotton, gold- Cleared land to plant food H.E.I 250 AD Peak of MayanCivilization GOVERNMENT - 1 king and/or god in each city state- Major City: Chichen Itza- Women occasionally governed ACHIEVEMENTS - Created 365 1/4 day calendar- Built majestic cities- Invented number "0"- Cotton clothes- Used codice to communicate SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS King; Priests; Astronomers;Nobles; Merchants; Farmers;Slaves RELIGION - Polytheistic- Temple for sacrifices- Worshiped nature gods 900 AD Abandoned citiesFall of Mayan Civilization 1200 AD Start of the AztecEmpire 1325 AD Peak of AztecEmpire LOCATION Mexico City H.E.I - Planted maize, squash, beans- Created chinampas or "floating gardens" GOVERNMENT - Single ruler- Nobles governed conquered provinces- Ruler is the warriorthat leads battle- Capital: Tenochtitlán SOCIALORGANIZATIONS Nobles; Priests; military leaders; farmers; ruler; slaves; traders ACHIEVEMENTS - Chinampas: artificial islands- Calendars- Medicine- Chocolate RELIGION - Polytheistic- Temples forhuman sacrifices- 250,000 sacrificesa year 1519 AD Spaniards Hernán CortésFall of Aztec Empire 1100 AD Start of Incan EmpirePeak: 1400 AD LOCATION Andes mountainsCuzcoEcuadorPeru Chile H.E.I - Crops- Farming on terraces- Corn- Potatoes- Quinoa GOVERNMENT - Emperor owned everything- Nobles ruled provinces- Queen sometimes governed- Everything decided by emperor- Capital in Cuzco SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS Sapa Inca; priests; farmers; officials; nobles; Chosen Women ACHIEVEMENTS - Aqueducts- Roads- Quipu- Terraces- Metalwork- Weaving- Stone walls - Architecture- Machu Picchu RELIGION - Polytheistic- Temple of Sun- Sun god: Inti- Offerings- Children of Sun- Gold: sweat of sun god- Temple walls made of gold 1525 AD Fall of Incan EmpireHuayna Capad diedSpaniardsDisease
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