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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dartmouth Public Libraries . Coordinate services for main library and one branch . Prepare annual budget and present to Town Meeting for approval . The library recognizes the diverse backgrounds and education of users and provides access to innovative services to meet their needs . Attend and host professional staff training workshops . Manage staff . Grant writing . Advertise, interview, and recommend all candidates for open positions to the Board of Library Trustees . Literacy training workshops . Keep current with new technology Colinda Joe, SIRLS Student, IRLS504 Spring 2015 FAVORITE JOB-RELATED ACTIVITY: Dolores Tansey, Interviewee RESPONSIBILITIES: double click to change this header text! * RETIRED * Position Title: Director of LibrariesDepartment: Main Library plus one branch Southworth Library - South Dartmouth Branch North Dartmouth - North Dartmouth Branch LibraryParent Organization: Town of Dartmouth MassachusettsDartmouth, MassachusettsReports to: Reporting monthly to a five member Board of Library Trustees Consulting as needed with Town Administrator, Dartmouth, MA Working closely with Town of Dartmouth, Budget and Finance Director Outreach to the Community and services to children, including, reading programs as well as workshops designed around young people, gifted & talented and adult ESL workshops. Issues: . Like a kaleidoscope, space needs are ever changing. . Carving a space for teens that is comfortable, appealing, and bright alongside adult technology and research areas can be a challenge. . Efficiency in the cost of collection development can greatly reduce a tight budget. . Sharing resources, books, films etc., helps to keep budget dollars manageable. CONCLUSIONS: Today's Dartmouth Public Libraries are well positioned. Libraries have hundreds of books and access to tons of databases, materials to help users, such as computers for the Internet. Librarians like to help people of all ages discover" new information. Dolores believes libraries are the key to discovering. Memorable facts, Dolores has found out with helping teens while researching the topic of snakes and things that slither, she discovered that the crocodile might grow to 19.5 feet and that an ASP (type of snake) bite could take up to 2.5 hours to kill a person. Dolores found the statement "I don't think I can find it" as the motivator. She uses every resource to find it (stopping at nothing to discover the question at hand). Libraries more than ever are finding ways to provide the needed funding to continue giving excellent service. Attend Town meetings and express your library concerns; communication supports change.
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