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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 enim 3.2 10% MAY 2010 David James Bocchino Statistically Trained Sports Guru 5527 Vista View Ct. Raleigh, North Carolina 27612 (973) 670-2394 - Date of graduation from East Carolina University within core Math & Statistics Courses GPA Probability Theory, MathematicalStatistics I & II, Applied StatisticalAnalysis, Programming of Research Examples Course ExcelPowerpointSPSSUltraEditJavaC++SAS OVER OF DATARELATED EXPERIENCE 5,540 HRS CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS JUNE 2009 TO NOV 2009 SEPT 2010 TO DEC 2012 Strength of Mind Formulated methods of stream-lining processes to create amore fluid working environmentand allow for the generation ofadditional business. Senior Data Analyst Field Experience CISCO, RTP, NC Dept. of Biostatistics, ECU Harker Research, Raleigh, NC Independently programmed inSAS meeting weekly dead-lines. Data Analyst Responsible for all in-house datacleaning, programming data ta-bles, and reviewing presentationresults for all special projects. Rookie Amatuer Pro Class -Apprenticeship TROPHY WIN PCT IN FANTASYBASEBALL OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS. TROPHIES WON INTHE PAST SEASONSOF FANTASY FOOTBALL. TEN FIVE 62% Managed the daily assignmentsof the data processing team byprioritizing tasks and delegatingassignments as team leader. Accurately processed and ana-lyzed media research data usingtools in SPSS and advanced fea-tures in Microsoft Excel. Collaborated on the consulting process identifying client in-formation needs, establishingmethods of analysis, and cre-ating an efficient reportingsystem to produce meaningfulresults. Statistical Consultant Manages a series of weeklyaudit reports built upon ex-tensive amounts of raw data,completing accuracy checksand creating pivot tables todisplay results. MARCH 2013 TO PRESENT World FANTASY SPORTS Innovated a new quality as-surance process for audit-ing online chat support be-tween Cisco agents and itscustomers. Performed data mining meth-ods to assist in the completionof research for an article inthe National Surgical QualityImprovement Program (NSQIP). Sets standards in excellenceby identifying areas of im-provement for Cisco ServiceRepresentatives.
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