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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ordinary World Special World Rise Of The Guardians double click to change this header text! Jack frost is reborn and tries to find his inerself because no one pays attention to him The team gets called to adventure when darkness tries to invade Jack frost gets help or assistance from the rest of the guardians to fight evil The team seperates from their worlds and leave to fights evil in the dark world The team fights of the villain Pitch and all of the rest of his army and they face a difficult time. The leader dies Jack frost decides to take a stand and go head to head with the villain, Pitch, in the end gains nothing and loses The guardians face their roughest times because they lost there most fearsome warrior and they blame everything on Jack because he left them alone They conquer Pitch and the leader Sandman is reborn and leads the guardians once again and there are no nighmares in the city aver again As a result the whle city stays happy and believes in santa and the wrest of the whole gurdians are also believed in aswell. The most inportant thing is that the wole city is well The guradians each return to their own world and keep in touch with each other Their lifes will never be the same so they will never forget that they destoyed the most difficult encounter of their lifes In the end the biggest accomplishment was when Jack Frost did not care if other people believed in him but after that he got the biggest suprise that everybody knew him after that
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