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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LEARNING ENTREPRENEURSHIP VALUE CENTERED NETWORK PARTNERS STORIES Creation of stories with entrepreneurs as their protagonists, through comics, videos and radio. Establishing the value ofa value-creator and a job creator in the economy (Prospective Partners : Going to, kahaani project) STORY-TELLING SKILLS HOLISTIC Creation of a not-for-profit, risk-free, state-led capital fund focused at youth (18-29 years of age) Value-centered entrepreneurship (Prospective partner: TISS,Swaraj University), which contributes economically, environmentally & socially Identification of network partners (Ashoka Fellow Network,TISS,Auro Society,etc) to reach out to prospective youth entrepreneurs, assistance in business plan building GOVERNMENT Partnering with government schools and concept selling to educators on ground. Facilitating ownership of the educators and making them champions of this process. Dissemination of stories in primary andhigh schools. Regular story-telling sessionsand fortnightly e-talks by local entrepreneurs and mentors Identification of context-specific skillswith assistance of NSDC and weekly training for basic skills to economically empower students in thelong run Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets PC | Introverted | Gaming The solution requires effort at two fronts -Entrepreneurship and Learning Following are the actions that need to be undertaken FUND Skills could vary from cultural knowledge across art forms, music, traditional profession or skills essential for a sustainable future for the particular context
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