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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Discourse Communities Football Church Church Football SAAC -New members at any time-Coaches-Take dedication and persistance- Always striving to be better- Image can be misinterpreted by public All 3 -Limited to Student-Athletes-Volunteer work with UC-Attempting to create positive image of Student-Athletes- NCAA based organizations - Active in the community- Active on UC's campus- Mediums to public: Flyers, Emails, Webpages - Involve athletes- Community Service Events- Have similar mediums when communicating with each other: Texts, Emails, Videos, Phone Calls- Bring people together from all around the world- Very diverse- Meetings- Build friendships and communities- Require commitment - Student Athlete Advisory Committee- Selected members from each team - Meet once a month- Main goal: Protect Student-Athlete - NCAA organization ran by athletes- Members are leaders on the field and in the classroom - Limited membership- Sport team- Meet 5-6 times per week- Main goal is to win and enjoy it while doing it.- Requires extra equipment - Centered around God and the Bible- Members that are not involved in sports - Involve volunteers, preachers, band, attendees- Main goal: Bring people to follow Jesus Christ - You are given a role and are required to play it- Can be removed from team- Deal with issues of image on social media- Football "lingo" only understandable to the team - Meet 2-3 times per week- Can come and go as you please- No actions are required- Issues involve the public's opinion on church belief and actions.- Anyone can be a member By: Tyler Cogswell
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