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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages Of The City There are many things in the city that people enjoy.The fact that everything is close such as: Shops, hospitals, schools, skyscrapers, subways, elevators,and sewerage systems.These are needed in daily life. Many jobs are also available in urban areas, for there are less in the country side. And because all of these things are so close, there is no needto drive at far distances to get to places. This is less costlyfor you to refill your petrol.Many resources like computers, t.vs telephones, cameras, and the internet can sometimes not reach the rural or the country side and are rather easy to reach for in the city as for they areevery where. There is also a lot of disadvantages.Many natural areas, such parks and forests, get destroyed inorder to create these cities. This decreases the oxygen in thearea. While in the rural, there is green land everywhere.The rates of crime in the city is very high due to the fact thateverything "fancy" and expensive are in the city rather thanthe country side, as well as there are far more people in the city.In the city everything is close together though that may come tobe a disadvantage. Natural problems like bush fires and floodsbecome huge problems because everything is destroyed. But compared to the country side, only part of the huge land is damaged.Land and houses in the city are quite expensive. Many people also move to the rural for peace and quiet as well as it may becheaper. By Karen Whowell
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