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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Janis' Digital Lens Digital SPECIALIST + GENERALIST Achieving BUSINESS VALUES: Promising Vision + Precise Consumer Insights + Sound Marketing strategy + Relevant DIGITAL leverage + Seamless Team collaboration Ability to navigate and capturing the opportunity in the ever changing DIGITAL landscape is a key to success. Digital Event Speaker in digitalmarketing conferences:@ClickZ Live /SES @Content Marketing & Strategy@Digital Cream Specializing in Digital strategy, Digital marketing, e-Commerce, Brand management, process re-engineering, team management at regional level. Digital SPECIALIST + GENERALIST Technical + Business background15+ years in the field of digital Advertising/B2C/B2B experienceLove visionary brands + promising products DIGITAL is the science of Marketing, it helps clearly define WHY, WHAT, HOW, and WHEN business approach consumers and see clearly how far your business is achieving the set goals. Successful DIGITAL Team Culture:INSPIRING with trends, best practices, & opportunities.EMPOWERING with knowledge transfer.ENABLING with framework and infrastructure/tools leverage. When I'm not working? Travelling, Photography, Painting, Hiking, and Yoga. SUCCESS <== Collaborative Output Maximizing through teams and resources. Technology ease communication, Trust between teams guarantee strong outcome. Janis' Digital Lens
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