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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We need to be up to dateon the latest technologiesso we can be equipped toteach our students As teachers, we have a responsibilityto teach students how to use technology efficiently and provideaccess to technology at schoolthat they may not have at home research shows minoritygroups are more likely touse technology for entertainmentthan other purposes DIGITAL DIVIDE The The digital divide is more than just a line between those that have access to technology and those that don't; it is a representation of our society as a whole and the major issue we face as we attempt to bridge this gap. 54% of households with an income under $30,000 have access to internet 45% of households with an income under $30,000 only have internet on their cellphone years ago, the digital divide was used to describe the separation between those who had technology and those that didn't. Now, the divide is more complex and describes not just who has technology, but how different people are using it. 10 By:AshleyRosa So what do we do? What's the big deal? minority groups are less likely to use internet 34% of African-American teens use twitter 11% of white teens use twitter 13% of Hispanic teens use twitter ~ ~ students need to be shown how to use technology effectivelyin their lives, not just for entertainment/social media $ iPad: $500+ teacher training+ IT support+ replacement/upgrading= lots of $ $ "Technology is a tool, nota solution." -Michael Obel-Omia We need to help our students explorethe world, in real life and virtually!
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