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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 largeintestine duodanum stomach smallintestine anus! mouth esophogus digestive system The food first goes in the mouth.The teeths then bite and grind the food which is a part of digestion.Salivary glands behind the mouth then release enzymes,amylase which digests carbs and lipase which digests fats. The food then goes down the oesophagus and not the wind pipe as there is a valve that block the food from entering the wrong tube. The food then reaches the stomach where there is HCL,pepsin that breaks down protein and lipase breaks down fats.As well as the stomach churning and breaking it down at the same time. The food then goes down to the pyloric sphincter and down towards the duodenum.But during this phase the liver secretes bile from the gall bladder where it is stored and breaks down the fat.And the pancreas secretes amylase breaking down carbs,lipase breaking down fats,trypsin and chymotrypsin breaking down proteins.The broken down food is then going down the small intestines. There are two section of this intestine (top section = jejunum and bottom section = ileum) in the small intestines there are villi that comes out and in a tongue kind of shape. This is so that there is more surface are for more food to be absorbed. On the villi are micro villi (brush border) where there is enterocytes where all 3 macro nutrients are absorbed. This is then goes through the ileocecal where the digested and absorbed food turns into faeces.This then goes through the large intestines through the sigmoid colon and then out the anus.The longer the faeces in the large intestines the more solid it gets as the water from it is absorbed as time passes. the faeces is a waste product and come out this way. urination is a liquid form of waste product and is also excreted.
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