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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Visit us at : @crunchdoha or our website: MYTH #1 "Crash Dieting may work for a short time but will not be sustainable. It will not only remove fat, but also lean muscles and tissue. Lost pounds are bound to return once you're back to your normal routine diet." Energy SourceHelps body utilize vitaminsContributes to good skinBuilds Healthy cellsMakes HormonesProtective cusion for organs Low fat or non-fat diets are your best friends. A diet should provide for all the body's functions and become a part of our daily lifestyle. Food consumed after 10 pm is fattening. "Calories can't tell time." It's not when we eat that's important but total amount consumed in 24hr period. Crunch Tip Low fat milk has less calcium than full fat milk. "Calcium is not the creamy part of milk but the watery part." You would be surprised to know that skimmed milk has 10 mg more calcium per 200 ml milk than full fat. Vegetarians can't build muscle. "Vegetarians can build muscle just as well as meat eaters, if not more. One needs protein to build muscle but too much can be bad for the kidneys and lead to long term side effects." Where can vegetarians derivetheir protein from? MYTH #2 MYTH #3 MYTH #4 MYTH #5 Crunch Tip Crunch Tip Source: Infographic is based on dialogue with one of UK's leading dietician Lyndel Costain BSC RD.More info at Top Diet Myths Debunked! Add a scoop of protein powder to your water and drink it with every meal. Use To Make "The body needs fat to produce energy and sustain itself." Why is FAT essential FACT FACT FACT FACT FACT Crash dieting will make you lose weight Crunch Tip Crunch Tip
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