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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Virginia Item Price during great depression Price now My book Milk ButterBreadMeat 14 cents25 cents9 cents42 cents $3.73$3.99$1.41$5.28 Dev patel period 7JIM THE BOYby Tony Earleypublication: June 2000 Did you know:*People during the great depression rarely left there town and did not know what the outside world was like*Electricity was starting to be available to a lot of small towns.*Even though farmers were doing very bad at that time Jim's family was doing pretty well for themselves farming*Many people in the town were poor and homeless.*There were a lot of hoovervilles around and the people started using zippers cause buttons were too expensive. Coming of age is a recurring theme in the story. How the town is developing so fastThe story takes place in a town called Aliceville North Carolina. The story starts off in the summer and the author talks abouthow the town is changing and electricity is starting to be available to people. The story is about a boy Jim who starts going toschool and has to go through the social aspects of life. He makes an enemy in school and competes in baseball, grades andfor trophies. Jim uncovers his families past and visits Lynn mountains the place his father who has passed away grew up. Jim: Jim is a 10 year old boy who lives with his mother and uncles. His father died a week before his birth but he has grown upknowing all about his fathers. He is very conscious of his uncles work and pays close attention as they teach him about life andwork.he wants to be like his uncles and fears letting them down. Jim is also somewhat insecure Population of Virginia:During great depression: 2.4 millionRight now: 8.3 million Unemployment rate:During great depression:Unemployment rate now: 5.3% double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Buildings build due to the new deal:* Aberdeen Gardens:
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