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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to start business with ENSA DETALIZATION OF SALES CHANNELS Small MOQ: YOUR STEPS TO BUILD A SALES CHANNELS WEBSITE STEP 1: Buy a domain name:,,, or many others.STEP 2: Create a website, with a shopping cart.STEP 3: Start website promotion.PROMOTION TOOLS:TOOL 1: Google Adwords - select keywords, such as: heating panels, ir panels, infrared heating, infrared panels, radiant heating, radiant heating panels, panel heaters, electric heating, economical heaters and so many others. (TIP: Find a company who provide AdWords services, they can search relevant keywords to maximize conversion)TOOL 2: Banner advertising - design a banner which will attract customer to press it. It can be promo, like : "Buy 2 Get 1 free", "But it to decrease heating costs up to 50%", "Buy it now, start you economical heating today" "50% heating economy! Buy it now!"TOOL 3: Social Media Marketing (SMM) - popularization of trade mark, princeples and mission. Online dialogs with a customers. Business partners searching & relationships establishing.TOOL 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - this tool will help you to optimize website rank in search machine listing (google, bing, yandex e.t.c.) (TIP: Find a company who provide SEO services, they can create great SEO texts to maximize conversion)TOOL 5: YouTube - Film videos "Product review", "How to instal it?", "Benefits review" "interview with person who already use it"It would help you to establish relitionships with customers, also it would grow up trust level of your company.TOOL 6: Ebay and other trading sites - EFFECT: 15-50 calls/day SALES: 25-70 pcs/day (Retail sales) PERIOD: SEP-JAN (Depends of region) E - COMMERCE E - COMMERCE WEBSITE
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