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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Find a problem to solve and think "who,what,when,where,and why" Come up with a few ideas on how youre gonna tackle this problem. Research the possible ways that you can solve this problem and study about recent ideas maybe to solve this problem. Identify and specify your constraints and criteria so you know what you can and cant use and whats available to you. Don't place all of your eggs in one basket. Make a few alternative ideas and take advice from those around you to have a pool of viable ideas. double click to change this header text! Your approach to the product is a cornerstone to success and should be taken wisely depending on the problem you choose to solve. Write your design by making sketches, listing materials, and identifying your time allotment and goals. Make a functional and non-functional model in order to test and pick out design flaws. run tests with the prototype product and see how well the product runs/works. As you test and find flaws, refine and improve your product in order to fix and get the final product ready. You may have to take away from the design so don't fret. After testing and refining is completed, begin to produce your final product and prepare for distribution. After distribution analyze your results and build up your design as complaints and bugs appear. Keep the product up to date and supply most of customers demands. The 12 Step Design Process
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