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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Desert or Coastal Plain Desert The desert has many differences from the coastal plain. For instance the climate is much more windy and hot, nice and warm right? Plus there is not much rainfall so you'll stay nice and dry(there are usually droughts but sometimes there's rainfall up to 4 inches.) For physical features there are sand dunes up to 80 feet tall, what a sight! The climate reaches up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and below freezing at night . Some adaptations for living in the desert may include:-living in a town or village-raise sheep and goats-travel by camel Coastal Plain The coastal plain differs from the desert in many ways too. For example, the climate is warm and damp, perfect temperature! There's rainfall occasionally so you won't thirst to death! Lastly, for physical features the plain can rangefrom 5-40 miles long,you'll never get lost! Plus there's good soil for farming andnatural harbors, it's the whole deal! Some adaptations for living in the coastal plain may include:-building wells, canals,dams, and irrigation systems-grow fruits, vegetables, and grains-collect tree sap to make frankincense and myrrh For livability, I rate the desert a 1/5 because of the harsh wind and climate. For trading, I rate the desert a 5/5 because there are valuable trade routes. For livability, I rate the coastal plain a 5/5 becauseof the great weather conditionsand firtile land For trading, I rate thecoastal plain a 4/5 because there are trade routes with theusual
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