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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare Rules for eSports eSports rules restrict specificweapons, gadgets, gears,attachments, perks and scorestreaks. These rules would change the gameplayfor competitive gaming inMajorLeagueGaming. For ex.specific game modes, Searchand Destroy (S&D), Hardpointand Capture the Flag (CTF).These game modes are specifically for for the mapsthat were created with with rotations New Features for 2014/15 There are new features in this gamelike, boost jumping, exo abilities,exo skeleton, exo dash, fall damage removed, supply drops, armor, no C-4,loot, pick-13. They even include coverwith the maps, health recharge (Stim),new firing range before game and itis just transformed. Creators for the Game The creators for Call ofDuty: Advanced Warfareare Sledgehammer Inc.Activision Inc. teamed upin order to change thestyle so the game's feelcan be futuristic.Thiswas the first time thatSledgehammer andActivision teamed up tocreate a different game.That way they would notbe the same as othergames anymore. Selling of Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: AdvancedWarfare had many copies soldthis year. Specifically becauseof the Day Zero addition that was made to get thegame early. They had 190million copies sold of this gamewhich is crazy because theydid not expect that much copies.And that helped with the neworganizations working together. By: Derek Basantes 902
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