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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Depression: Types of depression: severe depression:It is the highest grade of the disease that results in a complete inability to work, study,sleep, eat or do any activity that producedpleasure daily or as in the cases that are abandonedhobbies and recreation .. . is likely to occur more than once postpartum DepressionDefined in medical treatises as "baby blues", this feeling of sadness, sudden crying and concentration difficulties, usually occur about 4 days after giving birth, and disappear around 10 days. However they can get to intensify and persist. In that case you are in the presence of postpartum depression and require professional assistance is necessary to exit this condition. First... ¿what is depression? is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mood disorder, transient or permanent, characterized by feelings of depression, unhappiness, and guilt, as well as resultin total or partial inability to enjoy the things and events of everyday life. bipolar disorder:Also known as manic-depressive illness, is quite rare but no less serious. It is characterized by cyclic changes in mood:mood phases severe highs (mania) and low mood (depression). The mood changes are usually gradual but must pay special attentionto each of them. When the person goes through the period of depression, is common to observe all the characteristics of a severe depression. 10.7% 4.9% Casses of depression (cases over 15 years) how to avoid depression: 1.-depending on the drug you occupy, you should take them on time2.-you have to go to the doctor to prescribe drugs3.-you have to go to the doctor to prescribe medication if necessary occupy4.-you should set realistic goals, and try not to take on excessive responsibilities5.-you should do light exercise, go watch movies, or participate in recreational activities6.-you should postpone important decisions or consult people to have a more objective view7.-you should go to talking therapies to analyze your problems8.-if you take therapies, you shouldn´t leave them, to end disease9.-if you don´t have depression, you you should not bother the person who does have10.-as a familiar or friend, you should give emotional support and even advise the person suffering depression Remember, the depression isn´t a weakness, is a disease
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