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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Great Depression State: Oklahoma, Book: Whose Names Are Unknown by Sanora Babb Price comparison (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, The People History): Meat (/lb) Butter (/lb) Milk (/gal) Bread (/loaf, white) 1930 2014 $0.51$4.20 $0.56$3.60 $0.50$3.80 $0.10$2.13 Population/Unemployment Rate Unemployment Rate Population 1930 2010 21.7 % 4.4% 3.8M 2.4M Chicksaw Natl. Recreation Area First claimed by the US in 1902, it was one of the major projectsin which the CCC built utilities to make the area more appealingto visitors. Today, it serves as a prime example of how the CCChelped pull America through the Great Depression. Whose Names Are Unknown - Sanora Babb (2006) Characters: Lonnie, Myra, Julia, Milt, "Old man" Theme: Perserverence Did you know? -When times were tough, neighbors often donated/traded clothing that didn't fit properly -Despite troubles with the land, farmers at the time were quite patient -Even before the Dust Bowl, farmers in the Great Plains were struggling to make ends meet -Many farmers in the Great Plains were determined to keep their land when times got tough Billy Biggerstaff, Period 7 Plot: Growing up in late 1920's Oklahoma, a family of 2 girls,their parents, and an unnamed oldman struggle making ends meet attheir farm. This matter is only comp-licated by incoming dust storms. Setting: Over the course of 8-10 years(from 1927-1937ish), in Oklahoma and California, divided into two parts. -Californians often blamed the unemployed newcomers of the 30s for The Great Depression
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