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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Full statehood to Delhi Yes 1) Jan Lokpal Bill to tackle corruption2) Swaraj Bill to devolve power to people & Mohalla Sabhas3) Use Technology to Promote transparency Governance No Mention Yes 1) Accountability Commission2) Public Grievance Cells in offices3) System of Social Audit will be established 1) Fool Proof system to tackle corruption2) 90% of government services will be brought under e-Governance Regularization & Development Regularization & Development Regularization & Development UnauthorizedColonies Energy & Power 1) Reduction in electricity prices by competition amongst power companies2) CAG audit of power companies & they will be brought under RTI3) Encourage Solar power 1) Reduce electricity bills by half2) CAG audit of Discoms & they will be brought under RTI ambit. Introduce competition among discoms3) Delhi to be made a solar city 1) Induction of more power companies and introduce competition among them2) Promote solar rooftop power3) Turn Delhi into energy surplus city Water 1) Clean Potable water to every home2) Water bills to be reviewed3) Irregularities in Delhi Jal Board will be scrutinized4) Yamuna will be made pollution free in a time bound manner 1) Provide for water as a right. Universal access to clean drinking water at affordable price2) Free lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters free to every household3) Crackdown on water mafia & introduction of water supply accounting & auditing4) Restriction of untreated water into Yamuna 1) Reduction of leakages & enhancement of efficiency2) Bi-monthly billing of household water consumption3) Channelization of Yamuna River4) Commissioning of new water treatment plants 1) Open 500 new schools, appoint 17000 new teachers and increase spending on education2) Open 20 new colleges to avoid migration of students3) Transparency in Nursery & KG admissions4) Headmasters will be empowered for all decision making and efficient running of schools Education 1) Delhi to be projected as a knowledge hub2) Innovation council will be setup3) New medical college with 250 seats4) 85% reservation in colleges for Delhi students 1) New schools will be built near parks & play grounds2) Provision will be made for vocational and other educational facilities3) Enhanced scholarship for disabled students4) Extension of Ladli scheme for college going girls Health 1) Increase the number of beds in hospitals from 10600 to 400002) Generic medicines to be promoted3) Budgetery allocation on health to be increased 1) Compulsory health insurance for all residents of delhi2) Fair price medical shops to be opened to provide generic drugs3) Infant mortality will be brought down from 28 to 15 1) 24 hour diagnostic services in all hospitals for the poor2) Three new medical colleges to be setup3) All children under 14 to be covered under 'Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna' vote 1) To put pressure on Delhi police to register every FIR2) Adequate street lighting to prevent miscreant activities3) Last mile connectivity in public transport4) CCTVs in public spaces and buses5) Women security force, Fast track courts and Suraksha button on mobile phones Women Safety 1) Self defense classes to be part of school curriculum2) Every district to have a dedicated women police station3) Women security force under Chief Minister's office4) Women security forces in crowded areas & CCTVs to be installed5) More ladies special buses by DTC 1) Ladies special train2) CCTV camers in public transport3) Special training of police force with respect to crimes against women4) Gender training for the entire government workforce5) Ensure stringent punishment for crimes against women factlydotin DELHI 2015 - MANIFESTO COMPARISON Source: factlydotin
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