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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Gracie Marek! Passion: My Claim: I try to push the limits even if I don't believe. My Evidence: For swimmingin practices I try to beat the person in front of me even ifthey are faster than me. I have to kick so hard and go my fastest.Even if I don't believeI still try. Another example is when I do my homework,sometimes I am very confused with my homework. I would give up but I keep trying even though it is hard. Sometimes I even want to giveup, or I don't believe I can do it. I keep trying though. TeamworkClaim: Whatever I have to do to help my team, that's what I'll do.2 pieces of evidence: ¨The SEALS operate in teams. They train together in teams for a minimum of 18 months and then continue their teamwork as mission orders demand. They don't conduct solo missions. They always function as a well-trained team, and that is perhaps their greateststrength.¨¨Think for a minute of your own personal experiences in trying to accomplish somegoal-at home, at school, at your after-school job, on an athletic team, in your church youth group. How any times did you finish the taskat hand all by yourself Relevant (Why or Why not?): Theseare relevant pieces of evidence because Micheal Phelps pushed himself hard. And he got 8 gold medalsby all that hard work. He challenged himself to go the distance, to keeppracticing, and pushing himself even if he was tired. With Bethany shewas so passionate about surfing. Especially with her arm lost. She challenged herself so much by surfing with one arm. (Its evenmore challenging by teaching herself. Tip: Deconstructing 3 arguments in the book "If Your Not The Lead Dog The View Never Changes" PassionClaim: I just challenge myself to do things that I don't think I can do.2 pieces of evidence: "Do you think Micheal Phelps is passionate about swimming? He once went 5 years withought a day off practice and won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. He is the greatest olympian in history." "Just 3 weeks after losing her left armBethaney returned to surfing teaching herself to surf with 1 arm. Relevant (why or why not?): These 2 pieces of evidenceare relevant becauseThe navy SEALS do whateverthey can do to survive andhelp the wounded. If one of their soldiers died or gothurt then another soldierwould do anything to help them. Also if you are all alonethen somebody will want to help you as much as possibleto get that task done or maybeyou will help them as much aspossible. TeamworkMy Claim: ¨Whatever I do, I'm always helping someone.¨My 2 pieces of evidence: When my friend Sophie needed helpor not I would always carry something for her and she wouldcarry something for me. We are a teambecause when times are bad or peopleneed cheering up we are always therehelping them back on their feet(sometimes literally)My second piece of evidence is in groupprojects I am never ever letting my groupbehind. Always on top of things for my group because they are counting on me. Attitude Claim: Attitude get you through rough times2 pieces of evidence: ¨Anthony wasborn with one leg, no prothsthetic substitute. What kind of attitude do you think Anthony had to develop over thecourse of his young life, not just to become the NCAA wresteling champion,but also to be a shining example to others who faced similar obstacles in life¨The greatest human freedom is the freedom to choose one's attitude. (Viktor Frankl, Holocauset survivor) Relevant(why or why not?):These 2 piecesof evidence arerelevant because Anthonyhad to have a positive attitudeto get him through his roughtimes in wrestling.He couldn't giveup or be in a downy mood. He had to keep moving forward. On the other handwith Viktor he had to keep thinking that he was going to live. He had tostay positive to stay alive. AttitudeMy Claim: ¨There is never a time to be sad, if there is find the positive in it.¨My 2 pieces of evidence: A lot of timeswhen my friends are always down Iusually want feel down too, but instead of doing that I try to cheerthem up and get them happy. Sometimes when my friends are with me and I am having a rough time thenthe whole group of friends cheers that person up. Passion TeamworkAttitude
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