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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to start business with ENSA DETALIZATION OF SALES CHANNELS Small MOQ: YOUR STEPS TO BUILD SALES CHANNELS STEP 1: Create a sales policy (Minimal order, Discounts)STEP 2: Build a sales team (2-3 sales managers)STEP 3: Prepare marketing & advertisingSTEP 4: Start your own network creation.TOOLS:TOOL 1: Recommended retail price - set recommended price for your country, forbid the dumping.TOOL 2: Discounts - set discounts for volume of purchases (discount can be accrued or monthly/yearly obligations)Accrued discounts sample (from retail price): 10% for 50 pcs, 15% over 100 pcs, 20% over 200 pcs, 25% over 300 pcs.Obligations (every month/year): 150 pcs/month - 20%, 300 pcs/month - 25%, 500 pcs/month - 30%Usually when dealer guarantied you some orders for some period you must give him better discount than in case of accrued scheme. TOOL 3: Sales policy A: Sales redirection - for example your office is in Berlin, and you have a dealer in Munich. Your sales manager have customerin Munich, redirect this order to the dealer located in Munich, let him complete the order.B: Dealer in each region - cover each region of your country, larger coverage - more sales.D: Give them tools "How to sell your products"TOOL 4: Sales team A: You will need 2-3 employees to sell products. You can hire a professional or hire junior/middle specialist and grow him to pro.B: Sales plan: Basic plan for 1 sales manager $50 000/month, advanced plan $80 000/monthC: Motivation: 3-5% from turnover will motivate them to sell more. Additional bonus for advanced plan + 0,5%TOOL 5: Marketing & Advertisement (make a joint advertising with dealers)A: Outdoor Ads. - Billboards, lightboxes, banners etc. B: Internet Ads. - AdWords, SMM, banners, forums, ad boards.C: Media Ads. - Radio, TV, ScreenBoards (Launch TV Adv only when you have enough points of sale)TOOL 6: Searching a dealerA: Cold calling (Sales manager will need calling script)B: E-mail sending (Prepare mail template, price-list and catalog)C: Exhibitions (A lot of companies visit exhibitions to find new products. Participate in the heating exhibitions)D: Master classes and presentations (Call your future dealers to give a presentation of products or master class, how to use or how to install) EFFECT: 10-15 calls/day SALES: 50-120 pcs/day (Wholesale sales) PERIOD: AUG-JAN (Depending on region) DEALERS NETWORK RECOMMENDED STOCK: 1500 - 3600 pcs. TURNOVER: USD 270 00 - 648 000 TOTAL TOOLS COSTS: USD7 000-12 500 **average selling price USD 180
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