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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 5th century Sri-Vishayan Empire produced skilled warriors, seamen and farmers. Cultural Achievements of the PhilippinesBefore Getting COLONIZED. Agriculture Agriculture Luzon Visayas Good agriculturists Good agriculturists Miguel Lpez de Legazpi noted of the great abundance of rice, fowls, deer Miguel López de Legazpi noted of the great abundance of rice, fowls, deer Wine Wine Great numbers of carabaos & wild boars Great numbers of carabaos & wild boars Art of War Art of War There were irrigation systemss, dams, hydraulic works and the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. has great quantities of cotton and colored clothes, wax, honey and date palms produced by the natives. has rice, cotton, swine, fowls, wax and honey abound. Leyte produced two rice crops a year. Pedro Chirino said there's great rice cotton harvests that were sufficient to feed and cloth the people. Many historians believe that the Visayas got its name from the empire itself. During the 12th Century, the Majapit Empire took over the archipelago and were instrumental in spreading the Muslim religion in the Philippines. They became the Moro Filipinos who are known to be fierce fighters. Those who settled in the southern part have never been conquered. High quality metal casting, artillery, and other metal works had been traditions throughout the ancient Philippines. Education and Writing Education and Writing Early Filipinos devised and used their own system of writings from 300 BC. Baybayin became the most widespread by the 11th century. Early chroniclers during the first Spanish expeditions, noted the proficiency in Sanskrit, Old Javanese, Old Malay,and several other languages among natives.
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