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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gamma ray Gamma Rays have wavelengths between 10^-12 meters and 10^19 Hz meters. Range of the frequency?Gamma rays have a frequency between 10^20 Hertz and 10^24Hertz. Where does it fit in the spectrum? Last after X-Rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma rays are used in medicine to kill and treat certain types of cancers and tumors.Gamma rays passing through tissue of the body produce ionization in tissue. Gamma rays can harm the cells in our body. The rays can also detect brain and cardiovascular abnormalities.) (Gamma rays can be used to examine metallic castings or welds in oil pipelines for weak points. The rays pass through the metal and darken a photographic film at places opposite the weak points.) Are humans able to see this type of light? Can other organisms detect it? Which ones? How is it detected/identified if humans cannot view it. No humans cant see gamma rays especially gamma ray bursts. You can't see them in the normal sense, because the receptors in your eyes are only tuned to a relatively narrow frequency range. UV, X-Rays, and Gamma Rays are high-energy and high-frequency, and we cannot see these with our eyes. Gamma Rays can be used in space to see Gamma Butrsts also to see gamma-ray light.Nasa's Fermi gamma ray space telescope. The reason gamma-rays are more harmful then radio waves is because light can be thought of as particles (photons) as well as electromagnetic waves. Most sources put this in 1900, although I've seen a few sources use 1898. Villard recognized them as different from X-rays discovered in 1896 by Roentgen) because the gamma rays had a much greater penetrating depth. Paul Villard, a French physicist, is credited with discovering gamma rays. 3 Facts 1) Gamma Rays can be generated through the terrestrial production on the earth. The nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and nuclear decay reaction can be used to generate the gamma rays. 2) Some scientists state that gamma rays can be produced astronomically on the universe. If there is the most violent interaction in the universe, it usually generates the gamma rays. 3) There are many kinds of ray radiation in the world. If you want to compare rays based on its energy, actually gamma rays have the greater energy compared to the x rays. Darias Smith
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