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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Logo: Tiangong Moon Cake Brand name: My brand logo use Chinese dragonand my English name as the main elementsBecause my product is traditional Chinese food, and dragon is also represent China.and it consist with my English name, it is creative.It can attract people who love Chinese culture come to buy the product. Product analysis: Target market: product image: Carta a Roosevelt en la que solicita emprender un programa de investigacion sobre la bomba atomica Adopta la nacionalidad estadounidense Se casa con Mileva Maric designed by Daniel Dai Moon is the witness Tiangong moon cake(Tiangong means heavenly palace) My product is a kind of seasonal product, In China eveyone buy moon cake when Mid-autumn festival our target market is the Chinese people live in other country,the foreign country have less competitor, so my target market isthe Chinese live in foreign country and the forginer who love Chinese culture. slogan: why my market plan and my product is marketable. As a Chinese live in foreign country when mid-autumn festival coming, we used to eat moon cake with our family. but it is hard to find somewhere buy moon cake. I think selling moon cake in foreign country is a valuable market space, Chinese are willing to buy because they miss thier hometown and it is not a big cost, only once a year. and the foreigner who love Chinese culture also willing to try thetraditional Chinese food. 1940 La ecuacion mas famosa del siglo XX Muere en el hospital de Princeton
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