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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EXPAND Volunteer: Clubs: AEDAMSA Majors: GPA:3.6 University of Colorado at Boulder Recent Timeline University of Colorado at Boulder2014 Nov. 2014: Invited to be a General Biology TA Education Dan Bergholz Nov.2014 Urban Art Muay Thai Cooking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 630-297-6798 Resume MCDBPsychology (Alpha Epsilon Delta), a national, pre-healthhonors society Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (American Medical Student Assoc.),a national, pre-med students group Recreational therapy for people with disabilities Oct. 2014: Created a psycho-linguistic theoryto better detect, prevent, and treat potential suicide victims; actively working on developingthis theory with CU Boulder's assistance and Brown University psychology professors Sept. 2014: Started working as a Reference Librarian atthe CU Business Library Oct. 2014: Accepted RA position:engaged student leader andenthusiastic team member May 2014: Completed CPR certification; First-Aid certification due in Feb. 2014 Nov. 2014: Asked to have my artwork on display in local gallery, and to paint a mural on their wall Courses Sophomore Year -1st Semester Intermediate Japanese Honors Ethics of Ambition Biological Psychology Advanced First Year Writing Freshman Year - 2nd Semester Introductory Chemistry General Biology 2 General Biology Lab 2 Honors Disabilities in Society Freshman Year - 1st Semester General Biology 1 General Biology Lab 1 Honors Geochronology Beginning Japanese 2 Beginning Japanese 1 General Psychology 3.47 3.69 Architecture Comedy Medicine Hockey Dancing Reading Interests Continued... Admittance to CU and the Honors ProgramHonor RollAwarded Inspire/Aspire for character by HCHS (a national and state School of Character by the CEP)President, HCHS Writing ClubPresident, Straight/Gay Alliance ClubInstructor for 7-and under children: Brazilian Jiu JitsuFirst Place: Midwest Competition 140-150 lb weight class: Brazilian Jiu JitsuMidnight Rave Dance Troupe(a) Burr Ridge Park District: supervisory responsibility for younger volunteers at district events; (b) Breast Cancer Fundraiser; (c) Families Helping Families; (d) Snowflake Leader: Anti-Drug Campaign Accomplishments Junior/Senior Year of High School Clubs and Activities Volunteerism
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