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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cyphonia Clavata By: Yuvraj Mangrulkar Adaptations: One of CyphoniaClavata's biggest adaptation is theant like structure on its back.This adaptation helpsbecause it confusespredators into thinking it isjust an ant. Cyphonia Clavata also has spikes all all over its body todefend itself frompredators. Cyphonia Clavata has a helmet forprotection. Cyphonia Clavata has he ant likestructure on itsback backwards.This is an adaptation,because when in defense an ant walks backward. So when Cyphonia Clavata seesa predator it walks forwardand the predator sees a ant in defense. Cyphonia Clavata has wings coming out of his helmet.This helps it becausewhen it jumps the wings help it glide. Classification: Kingdom:Animalia Phylum:Arthropoda Class:InsectaOrder:HemipteraFamily: MembracoideaGenus: CyphoniaSpecies: Cyphonia Clavata Cyphonia Clavata lives mainly in rainforests of south America, parts of Mexico and Costa Rica. Facts: Cyphonia Clavata is one of the fewinsects who can grow extensions out of there body(Ant like structure). Cyphonia Clavata is one of 2000species of insectsthat mimic ants. Like CyphoniaClavata spidersalso mimic ants80% of spiders mimic ants. Fun Fact: ______________________________________________________________ _________________ If predators that eat ants come to where Cyphonia Clavata lives then that change ofenvironment couldcause Cyphonia Clavatato go extinct. An adaptation that could help the survival of CyphoniaClavata would be tohave a different animalof mimicry. Cyphonia Clavatais a rare species to find, and could go extinct.
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