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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the many the many of types CYBERBULLYING WEBSITES CELLPHONE PICTURES RUMOR BY CELLPHONE. VIDEO UPLOAD There is no wayof escaping cyberbullyingunless you tellsomeone.The bullywill keep on going because they think you are the only person seeing the post. Cyberbullying mainly occurs on socialnetworks. A girl named Amanda was cyberbullied on summer vacationand she didn't even know. When she went back to school nobody would talk to her. A girl posted that she had caught a virus over summer vacation. Teenagers are mostlikely to cyberbully. A pew research study found out that 40 percent of teenagers have been cyberbullied. teens are most likely to get hert because of what they tell there friends. Cellphone camerasgive people thepriviledge to take photosand instanly put themup on the internet cellphone can also take videos as wellpeople can send them to there friends. cyberbulliescan take embarrasing videos of you and put them up on the internet. These videos can be used agianst the victim as theatscan be passed onto othersto stop widespread of the video. before the internet wasused to cyberbully there werecellphone rumors the bully would send the persona nasty text of viocmaila research center found that cellphone had become the place were most of thebulling was happening The research team took a survey about the nasty messages.There was dierect and indierectharassment. direct was sending the message strait to the victim.Indierect was putting online for everyonr elsee to see. Kids these days are connected and wiredbullying has spreadthroughout the halls.Mariois a overwieght kid in the state of Texasand pics. were taken of him in the lockeroom and sent to alot of his friends.
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