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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cyberbullying Statistics CyberBullying 7 out of 10 people ages 13 to 22 are affected by cyberbullying. Mental Health Parental Statistics Interesting Facts Social Media Male bullies are 4x as likely as non-bulliesto physically or sexually abuse their partners.By age 24, 60% of former school bullies had beenconvicted of a criminal charge at least once.Schools with a higher bullying rate gave scores that are 3-6% lower than schools that had an anti-bullying program.Females and males are equally at risk. Bullying in general can lead to several problems within a young person's mind. Several of the problems include depression, anxiety, feelings of sadness and/or loneliness, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities.It can also affect their academic life by causing the victim to feel unsafe at school it can lead to skipping days or even dropping out Know their child is a bully 13% Frequent Cyberbullying Bullied on Facebook Extreme Cyberbullying Think their child is safe online Suspect their child of being a bully Concerned their child is being cyerbullied Know their child has been bullied online Cyberbullying 70% 37% 54% 20% 55% 15% 44% 47% 15% Facebook, Ask.FM, and Twitter were found to be the most likely source of cyberbullying. LGBT Cyberbullied End Cyberbullying Sierra Gaines
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