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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Boualem Belbachir CV 2014 Sport: Football, BoxingCuisine: Oriental & MediterraneanInterior decorationCinema & Music Sea & MountainNew technologies and innovations Arabic: Mother language Technique & Webmarketing Audiovisuel Vision &stratégie Design & UX Editorial Education & Continuing education PMI (project management institute)CEFCO Geneva, Switzerland - 2014- 2015Master's degree in Educational TechnologiesFaculty of Educational Psychology, University of Geneva,Switzerland 1999 - 2002Degree in computer science (Demi-licence)University of Geneva,Switzerland 1996 - 1998 SEO training Prezenz - GenevaSwitzerland - 2014Animating team course ICRC Ecogia Geneva, Switzerland - 2014Final Cut Pro Edit SA - GenevaSwitzerland - 2014 In progress Skills and languages CMS: Wordpress, Rhythmyx, Drupal, Sharepoint 2010 Word; Excel; Powerpoint; Visio; MS ProjectMessagerie: Lotus Notes; OutlookGraphic applications: photoshop; Acrobat Pro illustratorSearch engine optimization (SEO)Web analytics: Webtrends Google analyticsWeb: html; xml; css; javascriptEncoding: episode Webmarketing: Google ads - google trends (SEM)Social media monitoring: Hootsuite, topsy DigimindVideo editing: Final cut pro / screenflow My interests ************************************************ ***** *** French: Second language ***** °°°°°° English
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