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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ¿Qué soy yo? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Inquieto por naturaleza.Inconformista con los estereotipos. Apasionado por lo que creo y hago. Trabajador innato por parte de padre y madre. Fan de las alternativas. Creativo.Sociable y extrovertido. Atento y Detallista. Cercano y Empático. Héctor Manzano Diaz - Managing the reception and the customerservice to achieve the excelence on their straying- Tesipro- Managing the reservations and billing- Coordinate the well function of the restaurant and kitchen 699 68 83 43 @hectormanzani Hector Manzano Diaz in/hectormanzanodiaz ¿How I became to be what I am today? Valeri Serra 3, 1 4Barcelona 08011 October 2014- Present Hotel Primero Primera, Recepcionist andRestaurant Supervisor - Christmas campaign coordination and support of the new website for the Majestic Hotel & Spa- Content creation- Wordpress, Drupal and eMascaró CMS- Visual support creation- Social Media Managment- Online marketing tracking TEDx Organizer and Speaker Coordinator - Organization and planification for the staying ofthe international speakers- Logistic, organization and managment for theevent creation Camino del Emprendedor, Founder Majestic Hotel Group, Inbound Marketer October 2014- Present Madrid. Nov 2013 - September 2014 Barcelona. April 2012- November 2013 - Inbound marketing development- Create a website with Wordpress- Diversificate online products- Infographics and designs for blogs and social media- Entrepeneurship skills- Facebook e-course creation with Keynotes andWordpress- Managing customer relationship and definetheir needs to create the e-course- Web and Facebook analysis Pret a Manger London, Section Leader London. May 2011- January 2012 - Forecast demand- Managing production- Organizing and managing the team to achieve the overall goals
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