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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 087880152763 Wenugobal Manggala Nayahi Hi! My name is Nayahi. I am a Communication Science student at University of Indonesia, with significant interest in Media Studies. I am looking for a new experience in the field of communication (whether an internship program or a part-time job) which may enrich my under-standing of the world I am living in right now. (2014) Social Media Director of Coklatin(2015) Political Section Intern at Embassy of The United States Jakarta April 11th, 1995 (An Arien) 20102013: Krista Mitra Senior High School20132017 (expected): Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia (2013) Member of Journalism Extra-curricular activity in Krista Mitra Senior High School(2013) Live-In Committe Krista Mitra Senior High School (2013) Intern Staff at Educational Department in Students Board University of Indonesia(2014) Publication Staff of FISIP UI Awards 2013(2014) Staff at Social Department in Students Board of Faculty of Social and Political Science University of Indonesia(2014) Staff at Social Department in Students Board of Hindu Dharma (2014) General Secretary of Childrens Day Festival 2014(2014) Coordinator of Site Visit in Social Sciences Olympiad FISIP UI 2014(2014) Event Coordinator of Kampung FISIP 2014 ResearchingPublic RelationSocial MarketingEvent Planning Copy WritingCritical ThinkingMedia MarketingEditing Social ActivitiesPoliticsHumanitiesMusicMovies Public RelationSocial MediaAdvertising AnalysisInternal Communication INTERESTS WorkingExperiences Education OrganizationalExperiences - Indonesia- English
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