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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2003 2008: Linguistic Senior High school Qualification PROFILE CONTACT Email: tunno89@hotmail.comMobile: (+39) 3479073985Address: 24 Via Folloni, Reggio Emilia, 42124 (Italy)Skype: kotel.amine INFOMATION Kotel M.AmineDOB: 30/09/1989 EDUCATION Kotel M.Amine CV & Résume SKILL FOREIGN LANGUAGES(Arabic, English, Italian, French, German) TEAMWORK COMMUNICATION CREATIVE INNOVATION SOFTWARE PHOTOSHOP MICROSOFT OFFICE EXPERIENCE with adults with kids I don't have a real experience with kids, that is not the one that i lived with kids in my family.I've got a younger brother that i kind of raise up, and lots of younger cousines, when i was still at school, we used to do summer camps,where we had to take care of kids while they're parents where at work.We help them with homework, we bring them to the swimming pool, and we let them have fun, i really miss those days , that's one of the things that made me think about this kind of job. I had experience as a waiter,and as a bartender, i'm an open mind and friendly person, i love to have fun and make people have fun with me.I love everything that concern music, so dancing as well, i'm not a professional dancer,but i have some secret moves that are only waiting to be exposed!!I lived for a couple of years in Australia,where i get in touch with a lot of beach sports, that i will be happy to teach at the occurence. Hi! i'm a Tunisian guy grown up in Italy.I consider my self as a world citizien, i really love travelling and all the things that concern it. I love all the jobs related to contact with people, Games, Photography ,and music.I practiced lot of sports in younger age (soccer,volleyball, swimming) now that i have less time to dedicate to sports, i keep my self fit going to the gym 3/4 times a week. I love to be with people, especially with kids; and i'll be very happy if you give me the possibility to work with your company. KNOWLEDGE OF AUDIO SYSTEMS
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